Track Your Resource Location Precisely with GPS/GPRS/SMS
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Bonrix GPS Based Mobile Web

Download PDF Mobile Web URL: Download Doc file

Mobile Based Bonrix GPS web

This is Login Screen of the mobile web.
You Want to login this mobile web so enter username and password.
enter username and password after the press login button and visite our mobile web.

This is login Screen.
enter your username and password then after press login button.

This is Devices list Screen.
Select any one device to track location.

This is device location on map views.
Click to Zoom in button to Zoom mapviews location.

This is device location on map views.
click to Zoom out to zoom out mapviews location

This is Terrain type map views.

This is Satelite Mode map views.
Press the button and looking satelite views.

This is Common map Views.

This is Hybrid type map views.
you looking this type views so press the hybrid button.

if you want to logout this mobile web so press logout button.