Track Your Resource Location Precisely with GPS/GPRS/SMS
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ATLANTA L100 GPS Vehicle tracker

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  • High sensitive GPS chipset.
  • Combination of GPS, GSM/GPRS wireless network.
  • Durable and highly reliable GPS tracker.
  • Easy to install or hide in the vehicle to perform tracking.
  • Ideal for vehicle tracking and equipment/assets monitoring.
  • External DC power supply.
  • Configuration can be done via SMS commands.
  • Real-time GSM/GPS location monitoring on SMS and website.
  • Vehicle control with Immobilization.
  • Generation of reports on web-site in html/xls format. Reports include drive/stop summary, performance (based on speed), detail (with time, date, latitude, longitude, speed). 11.Replay and analysis of trip logs.
  • Add on users with customized access to web accounts
  • Door sense.
  • Vehicle control function (Ignition off/on) can be started /stopped by the user..
  • Easy installation and easy SMS commands.
  • If wrong SMS command sent by the user then, L- 100 will delete SMS and send “SMS NOT ACCEPTED” to user mobile number. 17.User would get a map link on mobile with Latitude /longitude.

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