Track Your Resource Location Precisely with GPS/GPRS/SMS
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AVL08 GPS Vehicle tracker

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Request one position *$$$$$$,000#
Modify user password *$$$$$$,001,@@@@@@# $$$$$$ is old password @@@@@@ is new Password
Set the time intervals of position notice SMS The Position SMS will send to the preset SOS number. *$$$$$$,002,X,Y# X ( Max 3 Digital) =0, Stop send position SMS =[1,60000] Time interval (Unit: mins) Y (Max 3 Digital) =[1,999)times send SMS Y=0, Disable this function Y=999, continue send SMS
Set a preset phone & SMS number for SOS button *$$$$$$,003,0,F,CallNumber, SMS Number# F = 0, Disable this function =1, Only send an alarm SMS to the preset SMS Number Notice :Tel Number and SMS Number ( must <25 digits



Content Specification
Dimension 133mm*80mm*27mm
N.W 280g
Exterior PowerSupply DC 12V –24V
Inner lithium batter DC 3.7V
Standbytime About72 hour
Work time About12 hour
Exterior GSM antenna Receive GSM signal bette
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ to+60℃
Air pressure 860Kpa –1060Kpa
Humidity Up to75% non-codensing
Position accuracy 10 –15 meters
GSM chip support3frequency GSM 900/1800 /1900MH
GPS chip Sirf-Star III(super-sensitivity andhigh accuracy )


  • High sensitive SIRFIII Star GPS Chipset and advanced multi-band GSM module
  • GPS/GSM/GPRS/SMS connection
  • Remote control via mobile phone or computer
  • Fast signal acquisition
  • Excellent locating capability under weak signal enviroment
  • Locate single waypoint or track continuously
  • Locate at preset time interval or real time
  • Living tracking on map
  • Send SOS message for emergency rescue
  • Send low power notification when battery will die out
  • Send over speed alarm when vehicle moves over restricted speed
  • Send geo-fence alarm when vehicle exits or enters restricted area
  • Build-in motion sensor
  • Sleep when no motion
  • Send parking alarm when someone move vehicle
  • Detect working status periodically like hear-beat rate
  • Send power disconnection alarm when someone cuts off power line
  • Cut off engine instantly or in on-off mode when someone drives vehicle

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